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Game Night – Take 2!

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Game Night is an ongoing series of articles about getting together a group of people to play games on a predesignated night. Yeah, I know the title isn’t original… but it gets the point across. Okay, yeah, ‘Dangerous John’s Threateningly Long Title for a Game Night Article’ may have been a good title too. Mmhmm… yeah… listen, if you have that much input, maybe you should write the article yourself? No? Alright then.

Anyhow, in the previous article I explained that in order to have a game night, you would first need games (duh!), then a place to play those games (double duh!). Within this segment of ‘Game Night’ I’m going to reveal another shocker: In order to play most table top games, you will need friends. In the previous article, I pontificated that there were 5 steps involved. In no particular order, I shall continue the article with step 3.

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Game Night, Part 1: Getting Your Game On!

[Hey!  It’s Game Night!  Of all the articles I’ve written for GFG so far, I’m most proud of this three part article.  The concept is simple:  There are a lot of people who need help getting a game group together.  Here’s what I know.

While I may have picked up a few tricks over the years, the unfortunate news is that I probably know either as much as you do on the subject, or just a little more.  That’s dangerous territory.  When somebody writes a 3- part, 3,000 word essay to me filled with things I already know, I’m rarely interested.  It’s a good thing I’ve got a great sense of humor, so the article is worth reading even if you already know all this stuff.  At least, that’s what people who like my sense of humor tell me.  They’re very vocal about it too, by rolling their eyes, crossing their arms, and really taking the time to stress all the words in a painfully long manner.  I thank them when they are done, and, while they tap their foot in excitement, I go into a litany of jokes from the Christian camp I used to go to when I was a young teen.  This always gets people worked up, so that they can’t even look at me anymore for fear of, I assume, being unable to control their laughter.] Read more…

The Singing Lamp of Bombay: Greensleeves

In theory, this website is supposed be a place to gather all of my writing, and a sort of writing journal to log the progress of my larger works. Good theory. Unfortunately, theory is never practice.

Since I am only working on one large project right now, my book “The Singing Lamp of Bombay”, and since this is my first book, the whole idea of logging regular progress on it seems self-indulgent. I feel like I’m sitting down in the Flight of the Conchord’s New Zealand Consulate and I’m talking to Murray Hewitt about how I need to start referring to my lone fan as a “fan base” (Hi, Julie!). That way, when I talk to publishers about publishing my publishable material, I can say “Well, we know my fan base will buy the book” as opposed to saying “Well, we know that my fan will buy the book.” Read more…

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