John-Michael Gariepy

Dungeons and Dragons Random Encounters: Level 4

For an explanation and introduction to Random Encounters, go to Why would anyone make a giant chart of Random Encounters?.

Roll once for each adventurer in your party.  Whenever you roll a Brute, or a Soldier, add two of that creature and roll one less time total.  If the last creature you roll is a brute, or a soldier, your players will have to suck it up.  There will be more experience for them anyway.  Whenever Minions are rolled, add the number of minions shown to the encounter and count them as one creature for the purposes of generating an encounter.  Whenever an Elite creature is rolled, count it as two separate creatures for the purpose of generating an encounter.  When a Solo creature is a, stop rolling, since a solo monster by itself is a good challenge for characters of that level.  If you’ve already rolled up three creatures before the solo joined the party, you may want to indicate to your players that now would be a good time to run…

01- 05 Roll again in the Level 3 Random Encounter Chart.

06 – 10 Roll on the Random Hindrances Chart.

11-13 (Artillery)  Corruption Corpse (Zombie)

14 – 16 (Artillery)  Dwarf Bolter

17 – 19 (Artillery)  Human Mage

20 -21 (Artillery)  Magma Hurler (Magma Beast)

22 – 25 (Brute)  Human Berserker

26 -27 (Brute)  Kruthik Adult

28 -29 (Brute)  Magma Claw (Magma Beast)

30 – 33 (Brute)  Orc Berserker

34 – 37 (Controller)  Deathlock Wight

38 – 40  (Controller Leader)  Goblin Underboss

41 – 43 (Lurker) Cavern Choker

44 – 46 (Lurker)  Kobold Slyblade

47 – 49 (Lurker) Specter

50  (Solo Lurker) Young Black Dragon

51  (Minion)  3 Orc Drudges

52 (Minion)  4 Orc Drudges

53 (Minion) 5 Orc Drudges

54 (Minion) 6 Hobgoblin Grunts (Goblin)

55 (Minion) 6 Zombie Rotters

56 – 57 (Skirmisher)  Doppleganger Sneak

58 – 59 (Skirmisher)  Dark Creeper (Dark One)

60 – 62 (Skirmisher)  Deathjump Spider

63 – 65 (Skirmisher) Ettercap Fang Guard

66 – 68 (Skirmisher) Fey Panther

69 – 72 (Skirmisher) Greenscale Hunter (Lizardfolk)

73 – 75 (Skirmisher) Rotwing Zombie

76 – 78 (Soldier) Phantom Warrior

78 – 80 (Soldier) Visejaw Crocodile

81 -83 (Soldier) Warforged Soldier

84 (Blaster) Magic Crossbow Turret (DMG page 88)

85 (Obstacle) Doomspore (DMG page 88)

86 (Lurker) Pendulum Scythe (DMG page 88)

87 (Obstacle) Whirling Blades (DMG page 89)

88 (Obstacle) Treaturous Ice Sheet (DMG page 89)

89 Roll two different Level 1 Random Encounters.  Count this as one creature for the purpose of generating an encounter.

90 Roll a Level 1 Random Encounter, then double the number of creatures or traps.  Count this as one creature for the purpose of generating an encounter.

91 – 94 Roll on the Random Augments Chart.

95- 100 Roll again on the Level 5 Random Encounter Chart.


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