John-Michael Gariepy

Sheep Port of Catan Revolution Party’s National Anthem

With sincerest apologies to Percy Shelley.

Sheep of Catan, wherefore graze,
For the herders who make you stay?
Wherefore graze with toil and care,
Lest doth Settlers your wool wear.

Wherefore feed and sleep and save,
From the cradle unto the grave,
Those ungrateful Settlers would
Make roads from future sheep, your blood?

Wherefore, Sheep of Sheep Port, change
To many a wood and brick, rearrange,
That hapless traders pick from ye stock
The produce forced from ye flock?

Have Settlers roads and villages,
or cities for their businesses?
Oh, why must ye life buy so dear?
Four kin makes brick, no need for shears.

The wool ye wear another reaps;
The young ye soothe another keeps;
Trades made in night while yonder sleep,
The cry rings out! “Have wood for sheep!”

Wear wool, -but let no tyrant reap;
Rear young, -let no trader entreat;
Be vigilant, and when villains creep,
Tell them “You’ll get no wood for sheep!”

Shrink to harbors and in plots graze,
In hollows ye hide, while Settlers trade.
Lie to ye self and all the rest,
That trading two sheep for brick is best.

With baah, and mew, and cud and groom,
Trace your grave and build your tomb.
They’ll weave your winding sheet, till fair
Sheep Port be your sepulcher!


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