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Session Impressions – Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin

Hey, Myriad Games podcast review of the new Thunderstone expansion is up!  Well… Towers of Ruin is a relaunch of the Thunderstone core product.  For those of you who love Thunderstone and are freaking out about AEG making a new edition, you can calm down.  Advance works with all previous versions of Thunderstone, cleans up a lot of iconography and adds a few things to the game without taking anything away.

This podcast only has three people on it: Dan, Sara and myself.  So unlike a lot of our cafeteria table-style, scatterbrained, pinballing podcasts, we rammed through every talking point imaginable in the new version.  We ride Thunderstone a lot, it’s true.  But we’re critical of a lot of little things in Thunderstone because the game hovers on the edge of great.  It certainly is the sort of game that I would like to play night, after night, after night, if our game playing scheduling allowed us to do it.  Whenever a new Thunderstone expansion comes up, I’m happy to see it, since that means I’m going to get another chance to play Thunderstone, and I like Thunderstone.  (It’s an interesting phenomenon.  I used to look forward to Dominion expansions, and was hesitant about  Thunderstone expansions.  Now I’m happy to see Thunderstone expansions, and am hesitant toward Dominion expansions.  Hmm…  there’s an article in that.  Think I’ll save that for later.)

But that’s an article for another time.  Right now you want to here a bunch of people get happy-angry about a game they love-hate, right? Click here to Advance to the podcast!

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