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Double Monopoly

In my previous article Free Parking; Gazing Into the Abyss, I stressed the importance of never passing out money when a player lands on the Free Parking space in the game of Monopoly.  If you don’t understand why such a fun-loving guy as myself can be such a buzzkill on a house-rule/side-game in Monopoly, please, click on the link.  It’s my hope that page makes the world a nicer place to live in.  Just a little.

A friend of mine wasn’t happy with me when I first published that page.  I was taking something fun away from the game of Monopoly, but not giving anything back.  Fine.  Let’s give back to Monopoly.  Let’s give Monopoly a whole extra board.

Double Monopoly is a rules variant of Monopoly that uses two separate Monopoly boards.  One board is the ‘real world’ and one is an ‘alternate reality’.  I’m quite sure citizens of both worlds assume that they are the real world, but I can assure you that the alternate reality is the one where people have more facial hair.  If Rich Uncle Pennybags is sporting a goatee, you got it in one.

“But John-Michael,” you say “I thought the reason why you wrote an article about the evils of abusing the Free Parking space was to speed up the gameplay, and thus increase enjoyment of the game!  Also, I’ve been looking around the internet, and I found that other people have made rules about adding extra boards to Monopoly.  The one at seems especially succinct.”

First of all, stop talking to your computer.  It’s not going to answer you, and the rest of the people in the library think you’re a goon.  Second, unlike a lot of rules variants for multiple Monopoly boards, which are built on the premise that more equals better, these rules assume that you still want to play a one hour game of Monopoly… just one that’s a bit crazier.  It’s my hope that, when you play with these rules, the game may end up faster than a normal game of Monopoly.  It may, however, not be as fast as a normal game of Monopoly that includes lottery money when  a person lands on Free Parking.  Those games normally end at the thirty minute mark with someone flipping the board over and threats of death, screaming for Mom and/or more beer.

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