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Dungeons and Dragons Random Encounters: Level 1

For an explanation and introduction to Random Encounters, go to Why would anyone make a chart for random encounters?

Roll once for each adventurer in your party.  Whenever you roll a Brute, or a Soldier, add two of that creature and roll one less time total.  If the last creature you roll is a brute, or a soldier, your players will have to suck it up.  There will be more experience for them anyway.  Whenever Minions are rolled, add the number of minions shown to the encounter and count them as one creature for the purposes of generating an encounter.

Since first level encounters are incapable of randomly becoming lower level encounters, there is a 5% higher chance that the monster will be hindered in some way to help balance this out.

01 – 10 Roll on the Random Hindrances Table.

11-14 (Artillery)  Halfling Slinger

15 – 20 (Artillery)  Kobold Slinger Read more…

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