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Session Impressions: Catan Junior (aka Pirate Catan)

In our recent podcast for Catan Junior, we discover that I can’t really do a pirate accent.  It sounds easy, sure!  Anyone can spit out a “Piece of Eight!  Aaar!!”, but now that you’re acting grizzled and surly for a sentence, it will occur to you that ‘Pirate’ isn’t really an accent. It’s a way of talking.  It’s a speech pattern, with clear defined lingo.  A good pirate accent has another accent sprinkled ontop of its grog-swigging surliness.  This I discovered as I floundered between ‘Russian Space Pirate’ and tipped a bit into ‘Lucky Charms Pirate’.  I wish I could have had more takes to do that right, but we aim for spontaneity, not realism.  Aaarg.

So how is Catan Junior?  The consensus of the group is that we like it, with Brian Tully’s lone dissension of “I’ll never play it again, unless you force me to.  Cruelly.”  So, yes, it’s fun, but I suppose you should be careful who you buy this game for, and who you pull this game out to play with.  We spend a good chunk of the podcast talking about the branding of this game, since the game is a fun way to play a simple game of Catan without getting mired into too many details.  Had this game not been tied to the Catan brand, it wouldn’t need to call itself a game for kiddies, since there’s no reason why adults can’t enjoy it.  It just happens to be simple enough for kids in Junior High ton enjoy as well.

Of course, the devil be in the details.  Beware, scallawags!  If ye dinnae be a clan of sopping landlubbers, and think ye man enough to hornswaggle Ol’ Davie, then straighten yer monkey jacket, ready yer cockswain and click on this link.  But be ye warned!  Ye set sail for Spoooky Island!

Bang!: Shoot first, Ask questions, Then shoot again!

[Bang! was my first review for Guilt Free Games, so it seems appropriate for it to be my second post, after the introduction, for my blog.  Don’t worry, I’ve got some new stuff on the dock, you’ll just have to wait a couple days while I finalize it. 

This article also had an embarassing coincidence associated with it.  It was the first article I submitted to Dave and Josh at GFG, and after I had submitted it, I found out that Dave had also written his own review of Bang! and was submitting it that week.  What a lesson to learn about communication, huh?  While I hate the line “Great minds think alike”, I must admit, some concepts just seem to be in the air.  I don’t think I ever played a game of Bang! with Dave, but we were playing it at the time for the Myriad Games podcast.  Did someone happen to mention the game at Myriad and that got him thinking about it?  I don’t know.  I do know that this would not be the first time that Josh, Dave and I would have overlapping ideas for what to submit.  You would think I’d know better by now, but halfway through writing my article on Dungeon Mastering a horror game, Josh submits an article on exactly that. 

All of this turned out fine, though.  I’ve slowly been rewriting my article to be about horror campaigns, instead of a single adventure for Halloween.  It also seems that Dave has a different focus than I do. The two Bang! articles have no overlap, so we just posted them one on top of the other.]

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