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The Singing Lamp of Bombay: Greensleeves

In theory, this website is supposed be a place to gather all of my writing, and a sort of writing journal to log the progress of my larger works. Good theory. Unfortunately, theory is never practice.

Since I am only working on one large project right now, my book “The Singing Lamp of Bombay”, and since this is my first book, the whole idea of logging regular progress on it seems self-indulgent. I feel like I’m sitting down in the Flight of the Conchord’s New Zealand Consulate and I’m talking to Murray Hewitt about how I need to start referring to my lone fan as a “fan base” (Hi, Julie!). That way, when I talk to publishers about publishing my publishable material, I can say “Well, we know my fan base will buy the book” as opposed to saying “Well, we know that my fan will buy the book.” Read more…

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