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The Cave – Getting Lost in a Good Game

Robert Frost was a sanctimonious idiot.  When ‘two roads diverged in a yellow wood’, Frost took ‘The Road Less Travelled’, and claimed it made all the difference.  I’m sure he felt he was an idealist and an explorer when he decided to follow a road that fewer feet had trod upon, but all he did was opt for an easy way to claim victory and stroke his ego.  If Frost was a real explorer, he would have ignored both roads and walked straight into the treeline that opposed him, forging his own path.

It’s in this spirit that The Cave is set.  You, and a group of fellow speleologists discover a hertofore unknown cavernous masterpiece.  Your mission is to find out what’s inside.  You’re not looking for ancient buried treasure.  You aren’t hacking monsters to pieces that you aren’t running away from.  You’re flipping over tiles, discovering the raw beauty of one of the world’s hidden wonders.

In The Cave, players have five actions per turn to explore new tiles, take pictures of rare sights, explore underwater lakes and plumb cavernous depths.  Careful management of your Read more…

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