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Game Night – Take 2!

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Game Night is an ongoing series of articles about getting together a group of people to play games on a predesignated night. Yeah, I know the title isn’t original… but it gets the point across. Okay, yeah, ‘Dangerous John’s Threateningly Long Title for a Game Night Article’ may have been a good title too. Mmhmm… yeah… listen, if you have that much input, maybe you should write the article yourself? No? Alright then.

Anyhow, in the previous article I explained that in order to have a game night, you would first need games (duh!), then a place to play those games (double duh!). Within this segment of ‘Game Night’ I’m going to reveal another shocker: In order to play most table top games, you will need friends. In the previous article, I pontificated that there were 5 steps involved. In no particular order, I shall continue the article with step 3.

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