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Why I’ll be talking about designing Magic cards in the future (and a promise that I’ll make it interesting for the casual non-crazy readers).

I’ve got a strange hobby.  It’s called ‘designing Magic: the Gathering cards.  When I explain this hobby to other people, the conversation goes like this:

Me:  Well, I design cards for the game Magic: the Gathering.  Of course, one can only entertain oneself for so long making individual cards with no relationship to other cards.  How can a card be perceived as good if it has no peers?  So, I hunker down and sketch out whole sets of cards… somewhere in the range of 300 cards at a time.  It’s a lot of fun, and I…

Confused Person:  Wait, wait… are you saying you work for Wizards of the Coast?

Me:  Oh, no.  Nothing like that.  This is a pastime.

Confused Person:  So, you design whole sets of Magic cards in your spare time?

Me:  Well, in what spare time I have, I suppose.  I keep myself busy.

Confused Person:  So, when you’re done with this set of cards, you what?  You can’t sell it, right.

Me:  Oh, no!  That would be insanely against the law.  If I started making any amount of money doing that, I’d have Wizards lawyers jumping through every opening in my body. Read more…

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