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Dear Marvel Comics, Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Dear Marvel Comics,

It’s true, you weren’t my first.  The first comic book I remember reading was an old Justice League issue in my neighborhood barbershop.  Doctor Light abducted the Justice League via a series of perfect traps.  He then… um… brought them… somewhere?  To make them fight their hologram doubles?  Which, if they ever touched them, that hologram double would explode, killing that member of the Justice League?  Even at the formative age of eight, I couldn’t believe how sloppy Doctor Light was.  Why would he make a robot dolphin that exploded when in Aquaman’s proximity, instead of capturing Aquaman like he captured the other heros?  Was Doctor Light that afraid of Aquaman?  And… and when Aquaman did confront the mechanical dolphin, that was the exact moment when Doctor Light got a stomach cramp and couldn’t watch his view screen.  “It is a pity that this stomach ache prevents me from watching the demise of Aquaman!”  Really?  Aquaman’s not dead, Doctor Light!  He figured out your trick, and used his Read more…

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