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Timestreams: Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car! Come on out here and help me take him in the house!

Those cavemen are in for an uphill battle...
Those cavemen are in for an uphill battle…

[A bad review.  Not me.  My review of the game is acceptable.  This review, so far, is my only negative review I’ve given for a game. 

I don’t like giving bad reviews.  This might seem like I’ve given in to the man, and that I hope to gain favor with game companies, but that’s rather far from the truth.  Maybe all this writing might put me inside a game company someday, but, as far as I’m concerned, the board game industry is looking for critical people who can find fault with their games before they publish them and the general audience finds fault with them.

The real reason why I avoid doing bad reviews is because I have the luxury of doing good reviews.  The Myriad Games Podcast has me playing one or two new games a week.  I’ve written reviews on less than 1% of the games I’ve played within the past two years.  Why would I even bother to focus on a game I didn’t enjoy?  Why not point people to games that I was amused by, or thought did something unique, or maybe critique a very good game for a shortcoming that upsets me?

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Probe: I’m trying very hard not to use double entendre in this review.


[An admirable review from a few years ago, but, honestly, it could have used a bit more humor.  I’m just saying.
Oh, yes, and I forgot!  Junelle Faye took all the pictures in this review, as well as the ones in ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’ and ‘The Adventurers’.  She’s also the kind of stinker who thinks that “PotatoSkins” is a real word.  You can check out more of Junelle’s photos and artwork at]

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Why should we review a game that’s over 40 years old? Probe was first printed in 1964, and remade in the mid-70s, but hasn’t seen print for over 30 years. The game looks like a relic lost to simpler times before 100-sided dice, endless piles of counters and the Pop-O-Matic. If Parker Brothers continued to publish games like ‘Life’ and ‘Mall Madness’, why did they shelf this game? Read more…

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